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Welcome Missy Mayhem to #VCC2018!








Everyone please welcome Missy Mayhem to #VCC2018!

Be sure to stop by her booth and say hello in Cosplay Alley.
She will be at VCC all weekend meeting fans and taking photos.
Don’t miss out! Make sure to grab a photo of her awesome cosplays!

Welcome Brittany Chaos to #VCC2018!








Everyone please welcome Brittany Chaos to #VCC2018!

Brittany is a Texas native, who has created some amazing cosplays!
Be sure to stop by her booth in Cosplay Alley and say hello. You won’t want to miss her Hawk Girl cosplay!

Welcome Vo Nguyen to #VCC2018!








Please welcome Vo to #VCC2018!

Vo has worked on numerous indy books, 3000 plus trading and sketch cards from Marvel, DC, Walking Dead and many more. He paints superheroes and villains in his dynamic abstract style that can be found in homes of celebs or your next door neighbor. He is currently working on 2 children’s books which will be release early 2018.









Please help us welcome Johnny Yong Bosch to#VCC2018!

Johnny is a Actor, Voice Actor, Martial Artist and Musician!
He has voiced a TON of characters throughout his career, including “Ichigo Kurosaki” from Bleach, “Shinkawa Kyouji” from Sword Art Online, “Kei Nagai” from Ajin, “Yukio Okumura” from Blue Exorcist, “Vash the Stampede” from Trigun, and MUCH more!

He is also best know for his role as “Adam Park”, the Black Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Green Zeo Ranger in Power Rangers Zeo.
Johnny will be at #VCC218 both Saturday & Sunday meeting fans and taking photos. Don’t miss it!

Welcome Miss Torii to #VCC2018!








Everyone help us welcome the beautiful Miss Torii to #VCC2018!
She was with us at #VCC2017 as a Cosplay guest, and will be returning again for the whole weekend! Make sure to stop by her booth to say hi, and grab a photo of her amazing cosplays!!