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Welcome Miss Torii to #VCC2018!








Everyone help us welcome the beautiful Miss Torii to #VCC2018!
She was with us at #VCC2017 as a Cosplay guest, and will be returning again for the whole weekend! Make sure to stop by her booth to say hi, and grab a photo of her amazing cosplays!!

Welcome Tim the Dalek and Friends to #VCC2018!








Are you a Whovian?? Well get excited to be EXTERMINATED at #VCC2018!
Tim the Dalek and Friends will be invading #VCC2018 to exterminate you and all of your friends! Take photos inside the Doctors TARDIS, be forced to OBEY Tim Dalek and Tom Dalek as they roam the con floor for a selfie!
So come “Allonsy” and don’t miss this “fantastic” prop collection including Davros and the moment!

Welcome Professional Animator Greg Peters to #VCC2018!








Please welcome Greg Peters to #VCC2018!

Greg, is an animator with 4 Emmy’s from Pinky & The Brain, and Animaniacs. He has also worked on Rugrats, Dilbert, Timon & Pumbaa, and countless other TV shows and movies.
Be sure to stop by his booth and check out all his work!

Welcome Wolfsbane to #VCC2018!








Please help us welcome the ever popular South Texas Superhero, Wolfsbane to #VCC2018!
He will be here all weekend fighting crime, and cracking skulls!
He will also be taking pictures and meeting fans all weekend. So be sure to stop by his booth and check out all of his cool weapons and merch!

Welcome Rozzmonster Cosplay to #VCC2018!








Let’s kick off guest announcements for #VCC2018 by welcoming the highly requested Rozzmonster Cosplay!
Rozz will be here all weekend dressed as your favorite characters meeting fans and taking photos. Make sure to come see her, and go follow her page!

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…and don’t worry y’all, we have MANY more guest announcements coming !!!